The software oCellaris has been developed for analysis of fluorescence images of living yeast cells and is based on Hough transformation to identify yeast cells in the bright field and to compute cells contours with an active contour algorithm. A set of algorithms enable fitting fluorescence images to cell contours and computing various parameters of fluorescence for each cell.

These parameters describing fluorescence images allow not only for evaluation of total fluorescence intensity within the cell area but also for comparison of various experimental conditions applied to one particular strain or for comparison of various strains in one parameter either at a single cell level and/or within the whole population.

For each cell are calculated following parameters:

  • Number of Peaks []
  • Intensity [Px^2 * BU]
  • Intesity of Granules [Px^2 * BU]
  • Intesity of Diffuse Fluorescence [Px^2 * BU]
  • Diffuse Fluorescence Intensity Ratio []
  • Granules Intensity Ratio []
  • Average Brightness [BU]
  • Maximal Brightness [BU]
  • Brightness of Diffuse Fluorescence [BU]
  • Diffuse Fluorescence Brightness Ratio []
  • Peaks Brightness [BU]
  • Peaks Slope [BU / Px]
  • Cell Area [Px^2]
  • Equivalent Diameter [Px]
  • Perimetr [Px]
  • Circularity []

where Px = pixel and BU = Brightness Unit, 

Viewing individual cells in microscopic images online

  • The calculated parameters of the cell - shown in the table
  • 3D graphs of brightness of the cell - displayed with additional data
  • Detected local maxima (granules) of brightness in the cell
  • Contours of brightness of the cell - more ways to display
  • Granularity of brightness of the cell
  • Energy of brightness of the cell

Individual charts can be printed or saved in standard image formats.

Viewing statistics over a set of images

Calculated microscopic images can be assigned to one of four predefined groups. The statistics can be displayed for these groups.

Ways of displaying statistical data:

  • Histogram of the selected parameter
  • Graph showing the average values ​​and standard deviations
  • 2D scatter plot - show the relationship between two arbitrarily selected parameters
  • Export statistics to a MS Excel data sheet.
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