How to install demo oCellaris


This article describe how to install oCellaris demoversion.

1. At first, for run oCellaris you must have installed MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR). MCR must correspond to version of SW oCellaris as you can see in the table below.

oCellaris  MATLAB Compiler Runtime
v0.4 R2012a 32bit for Windows
v0.6 R2012a 32bit for Windows
v0.8 R2013a 32bit for Windows
v0.92 R2013b 32bit for Windows


MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) is available on Mathworks web pages.


2. If you have installed correct version of MATLAB Compiler Runtime, simply download and unzip oCellaris demo version.

Software package contain these files :

oCellaris.ctf ... data file

oCellaris.exe ... executable file

DefaultParameters.mat ... file with default parameters for cell computing.


3. Start oCellaris.exe file. First run can take some time (maybe about 1 minute) because of unpacking necessary files.

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